## Thibauld Favre
## Entrepreneur. CS Engineer. French.
## Stalk me on Twitter. --- 2018 Decusis, CEO | Continuous Organization After deep diving into token curated registries, token bonding curves and filtering it through my own experience as an entrepreneur, I came up with the concept of Continuous Organization, a new type of organization designed to align the stakeholders' interests significantly better than in traditional organizations.
--- 2015, 2017 LaPrimaire.org, co-Initiator | The Open Primary Election LaPrimaire.org is a free, online, primary election designed to crowdsource the best candidate to run for the 2017 french Presidential Election by way of a 100% democratic and transparent process. Started with David Guez in 2015, we organized LaPrimaire.org in France in 2016 with 215 candidates, 110,000 participating citizens and $135.450 raised from 3,518 donors.

For LaPrimaire.org, I notably developed one of the 1st complex chat bot based on Telegram bot API and created the Giskard framework out of it. I also co-authored a research paper (not published) explaining the science behind the random election process we invented. Finally, another non-profit solely dedicated to promoting the Majority Judgement voting mechanism was spun-off from this experience.
--- 2014 UConn Health, Volunteer | Center for Quantitative Medicine To help the Center for Quantitative Medicine, I designed AlgoRun, a Docker container template to easily publish reproducible computational processes, and architected AlgoPiper, a user-friendly interface to create AlgoRun-based computational workflows. This work led to the publication of a scientific paper in the Bioinformatics journal as senior author.
--- 2009, 2014 Allmyapps, CEO | The App Store for Windows PC Allmyapps brings the simplicity of the app store experience to the PC world. Allmyapps helped 3.4M+ users worldwide discover and install 30M+ apps on their PC. Co-founded in 2009 with Arnaud Coulondre and backed by Elaia Partners, Allmyapps was acquired by IronSource, LTD on October 2014. --- SELECT date, activity FROM Thibauld
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* 2008 Freelance CTO at FreelanceBusinessClub
* 2006, 2007 Co-founder at RIFT Technologies
* 2004, 2005 Pre-sales Consultant at Mandrakesoft
* 2003, 2004 Master in Corporate Finance at EM Lyon
* 1998, 2003 Master in Computer Engineering at INSA Lyon --- Me, Nice (vim) guy | A good heart matters more than a good brain Currently living in West Hartford, CT in the US. Originally from Alsace, France. Spouse of a wife more intelligent than me but that I can sometimes help and father of a son who will be one of humanity's first Spacers. Love Ruby, Spreadsheets, Science Fiction and (good) Food. Contact me if I can help you! --- [t] Add me on Twitter.

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--- Quote "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead